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Polarized Sunglasses

How to get to know Polarized sunglasses than others

How do you confirm whether or not your sunglasses are polarized?

In fact, there are eyeglasses manufacturers that claim their glasses have polarized lenses while they are not! Polarized lenses are a special type of sunglasses that not only block the light from the eye, but also filter the rays in a very professional way.

First, let's get to know the concept of "polarization" ... from a scientific perspective ...

Visible light (such as sunlight or light bulb) is only waves that vibrate in all directions before heading towards the eye! When this light is reflected off a surface, it bounces off in all directions.

 Sometimes the polarized lens includes a thin chemical layer that allows light that vibrates in one direction to the eye, so the lenses are of high quality, as they have a thin polarizing layer between two layers of the material from which the lenses are made.

The glare reflected on the eye is often caused by the reflection of sunlight on horizontal surfaces - such as water, snow, and highways - so polarized lenses are used in sunglasses at an angle that only allows vertical polarized light to pass, and when the polarized lens is oriented vertically, they obscure the horizontal reflection.

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Now you know the polarized sunglasses, but how do you distinguish them?

Here are a few easy and simple ways to check for yourself whether your current or planned glasses are really polarized.

1 - Wear the glasses, and look at a reflective horizontal surface (such as a hood or a glass table), which you notice glow when slowly tilting your head horizontally to the left or right, this means that the glasses are indeed polarized!

2 - Tilt your head while looking at the computer or phone screen that you found the black screen or dark, this means that the glasses you wear are polarized! Try it yourself now! The same is true of many LCD displays. We ask ourselves: Why does this work for many Ghalib? Answer: Because most computer screens and modern phones are characterized by techniques to reduce glare and brightness, just like polarized lenses.

3- We often find a "test" poster on any new sunglasses offered for sale. Hold the glasses at a 60-degree angle from the poster. These are polarized lenses, and the poster will appear opaque!

4 - Hold two glasses of polarized sunglasses, and point both of them toward a light source that the lens gave them above another lens, then turn one of them at an angle of 60 degrees, the lens became dark, both of them polarized, and if not, one of them is polarized and the other is not.

Not to mention that polarized lenses block glare as they also reduce eye fatigue and improve the visibility and scope of vision by reducing elevated glare, and they also help reduce headaches resulting from exposure to sunlight!

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Polarized sunglasses FAQ:

How do polarized sunglasses improve vision? Answer: The process of reducing glare provided by polarized glasses has many advantages. They are glasses that not only protect against exposure to bright lights, but also improve vision, contrast, clarity and visibility in depth.

Is it possible to get polarized sunglasses by prescription? Answer: Yes, the polarization process is only a thin chemical layer on a high-quality lens, or a polarization layer between two layers of materials from which the lenses are made, both of which are recommended by doctors.

 Do polarized lenses provide 100% UV protection? Answer: not always! Polarization and UV protection are two different things, with high-quality sunglasses providing a high degree of protection from UV rays, while the main role of the polarized lens is to reduce glare, however it is preferable to choose polarized lenses that provide 100% protection from UV rays Purple.

What is the most suitable category for wearing these glasses? Answer: These glasses are recommended for those who like to go out and play sports, especially windsurfers, climbers, cyclists and hunters, but they are also an excellent choice for those who live in places with sharp sunlight and reflective surfaces, not only water but also the glossy glass facades of modern buildings!

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