In this article we will explain the simple and the most important and best ways to buy in a safe manner from e-stores

1- At first you must verify that the store is a recognized store in which known            
    Maarouf is a free service provided by the Ministry of Commerce you can document your

2- accounts for social networking and also your sites regardless of whether you have a record or       not, but it is preferable for those who have a record to ensure your right.
3- You can take the link of the site and check it in Google and what is the impression of people           about it and about buying from it
4-  You can also search for the means of communication in the site and you can communicate             with them and to know the extent of their service and clear in the way to respond to the client       and the speed of response and so on

These are some of the most important and best steps

greetings to you all.

Eng / Yousef bin Abdullah